Pondering Happy Memories And Affordable Christmas Gifts, Past And Present

5 noiembrie 2010

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The Christmas story of a babe in a manger born to poor traveling parents, able to find only a stable in which to spend the night, is the reason for this time of year. The tradition of gift giving was begun at that time, by three wise-men riding camels in search of this baby, all carrying gifts to celebrate his birth. We keep the tradition alive and hopefully the meaning behind it in the first place, and we do it with affordable Christmas gifts as well.

Families ride not donkeys but cars, trains and planes to visit their loved ones and bring them gifts to celebrate the birth of this baby. Gathering together, having fun and creating more memories is the best time of this holiday. The gifts don’t hurt either.

Thinking about all the shopping to be done can overpower and stress the adults in the family. All their good intentions of having this accomplished early in the year has missed its mark again. They become part of the throng of shoppers trudging from store to store, lugging shopping bags stuffed with heavy, bulky things to be wrapped and slung under the tree. The idea of being rushed and not having the extra time they wanted for the traditional baking of goodies makes them sad.

Even through the fog of gloomy reflections, seeing the children so full of anticipation and joy softens their outlook a little. They may even take part in some of the festivities, hanging lights on the house and setting up a sleigh with reindeer on the front lawn. Travelling to grandparents house, visits with the aunts and uncles, nephews and cousins, brings happiness to everyone.

Taking a moment for reflection, you do find some pleasant memories tucked away to get you through the hard spots. Memories of children laughing, snow falling and shiny skates and sleds being hauled out of storage come to mind. You think of the happy times of singing carols around the neighborhood, building snowmen and adorning them with old wool scarves and raisins for eyes and maybe a corn cob pipe. Where did you find that! It was a special treat to visit grandma’s house, with the fragrance of spicy mincemeat pies and cookies, hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks to swirl in it and gingerbread men hiding in the cookie jar, waiting just for you.

Some folks would perhaps not be near their relations and maybe not have had a lot of money to spend on gifts in the past and there was no internet back in those days. However, they still had traditions, food and fun anyway. Some recall the time they could not purchase a Christmas tree but living on several acres of land in the country, they had a tremendous amount of family fun by hunting down just the right cedar tree to hang their many treasured decorations on. No matter that it took until summer to vacuum all of the needles from the carpet!

In those days we did not have a thing called the internet on which to search for gifts. Gone are the days of being forced to tolerate the crowds and hustle and bustle of store shopping in town. Amid all the preparations for the holiday, moms and dads and even the children in some cases, choose to make many, if not all, of their purchases online.

Shopping on the internet, at the myriad of stores, can be overwhelming, but if you focus upon one gift at a time and shop your favorite “real” stores offering online shopping, that is a good beginning. The time spent wandering the many sites, making your choices in the quiet peacefulness of your own home, will allow you to have that extra time to spend with the children, spouses and friends, enjoying the planned and not so planned festivities. Even with a late start as usual, finding affordable Christmas gifts online can be done easily by Thanksgiving! And the mailman will share duties with Santa Claus in the delivery of the many gifts!


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